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Founded in 2020, we are a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, production, and marketing of automation equipment transmission. Our main product includes linear modules, linear rails, multi-axis modules, electric cylinders, and linear motors. These products find applications in various industries such as production lines, potassium batteries, spray lines, assembly lines, food packaging machinery, testing, photovoltaic, and more.
Equipped with advanced facilities and testing equipment, we are fully equipped to meet the needs of technological innovation. With a highly skilled design team and strong technical force, we possess the capabilities for design, development, and production.

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Sichuan Khmos Technology Co.,Ltd
Production Strength
Khmos is committed to provide customers with stable and reliable motion control products. In order to ensure the high product quality, Khmos attaches great importance to whole processes from product design, R&D, testing, and manufacturing to the final packing, delivery, after-sale service etc.
Production euipment
More efficient assembly process
Assembly line
Assembly and inspection of the product are carried out on a marble countertop, ensuring maximum precision.
Temperature-controlled assembly line.It not only ensures product stability and improves assembly accuracy but also enhances product lifespan.
Ensuring consistent quality with batch production of every module.
Stringent quality control at every step

Quality inspection
Center-to-center distance measurement Inspection tool: Electronic height gauge Inspection standard: Within ±0.2mm
Guide rail parallelism measurement
Inspection tool: Lever dial indicator
Inspection standard: Within 500mm: ±0.02mm
Within 1000mm: ±0.03mm                                                        
Base Flatness Inspection Inspection Tool: Feeler Gauge Inspection Standard: Within 500mm: ±0.02mm Within 1000mm: ±0.03mm
Lead screw backlash measurement
Inspection tool: Lever dial indicator
Inspection standard: ±0.03mm
Sound Level Testing
Testing Instrument: Sound Level Meter
Testing Standard: Rod ≤ 70 dB, Belt ≤ 75 dB
Rail Straightness Adjustment
Adjustment Tool: Vernier Caliper
Adjustment Standard: Within 500mm: ±0.02mm Within 1000mm: ±0.03mm